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Stress/Anxiety Management

According to NHS UK, Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a feeling of unease eg fear, which can be mild or severe. Feelings of worry and unease are normal and natural but when they become prolonged and affect daily life then it can develop into an anxiety disorder.

Some of the symptoms of anxiety include:

  • panic disorder

  • phobias (eg agoraphobia)

  • PTSD 

  • social anxiety disorder

Hypnotherapy can help alleviate the physical and psychological symptoms of stress and anxiety. 

Two important aspects of the therapy are:

  1. The ability to clearly imagine what makes you feel anxious.

  2. Being able to remain deeply relaxed while doing so.

Hypnosis uses the power of suggestion to instil positive change.

The number of sessions will depend on the condition and the individual's response to hypnosis. Typically therapy is usually between 3 and 6 sessions.

Stress/Anxiety Management: Services
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