6 Session Online Group Weight Control Programme

Sessions are 2 weekly. Groups consist of up to 6 people. The 6 week programme costs £60. 

If long term weight control was as easy as eating less and exercising more then there would be no need for diet plans. This programme takes a holistic approach to weight control. Yes, the ultimate goal is to lose weight but it is also about changing habits and behaviours and thought patterns. Many people, in my experience, who struggle with controlling their weight are able to lose weight, they have done it numerous times, the real problem is keeping control of their weight. This is usually due to the unwanted behaviours, habits and beliefs that caused the problem in the first place never being fully addressed. Long term weight control usually involves some kind of lifestyle change, which may include changing behaviours and habits and at times dealing with emotional issues that are responsible for keeping them 'stuck' in that never ending cycle of dieting.

Setting Goals

Being prescriptive and realistic about your goal. It is recommended that you should be aiming to lose between 1-3lbs per week.

Thinking about & visualising the end result.

It is much easier to achieve a goal if you are able to imagine yourself at the finish line. If you a believe it you can achieve it.

Making positive food choices

A big part of managing weight involves choosing healthy nutritious foods. This helps both physically and emotionally.


Choosing to exercise and move more

Motivating yourself to choose to move and exercise more. This improves both physical and mental health.

Motivation & Confidence

To achieve any goal and stay motivated and focussed, it is important to believe in your own ability to get there. Hypnotherapy helps you develop that inner confidence and belief in yourself and ability to achieve your goal.

January 17, 2023


Zandra Russell Hypnotherapy

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