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Virtual Gastric Band

The Hypnoband system is a hypnotherapy system designed to help with weight loss especially in the clinically obese. Hypnoband uses a combination of CBT, suggestion and visualisation to help the client make behavioural changes that can help encourage substantial weight loss possible.

The aim of virtual gastric band hypnosis is to convince the client they have 'actually' undergone surgery, therefore enabling them to eat smaller portions. The 'Gastric Band' part of the process is a mechanism that helps the client believe their stomach is actually smaller and so has less capacity for food.

The Hypnoband system is usually delivered over a series of 4-5 sessions.

This is NOT a magic bullet, it is important for anyone considering using this system, to understand that it requires commitment to change and to full participation in the therapy. The is not something 'done to' the client. It requires the client not only changing the way they eat but the way they think about how they eat.

The in session therapy is reinforced with recording for use at home and take home information regarding healthy eating and exercise.

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Hypnoband Weight Loss System

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