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Gentle, compassionate sessions

Grief is a normal feeling and experience, it is part of the healing process after the loss of a loved one. However many people struggle to overcome the feeling of loss or bereavement. Simply ignoring or hiding the pain and loss from others does not lessen the loss. It takes time to work through the grieving process. If this is not done then it can lead to depression and an inability to cope with everyday life. At times of grief it can be difficult to turn to those you love as they may too be dealing with their own grief, so you may have a feeling of isolation. This is where a therapist can help. Grief is a personal experience, no two people experience grief in the same way. Talking over how you feel and perhaps discussing what happened with a professional therapist can help you find a way to understand your loss, and help you deal with those emotions arising from it.

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Grief/Bereavement: Services
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