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I offer a personalised, holistic approach, to help you achieve your desired goal.

Have a particular life obstacle you’re trying to overcome? Sometimes, seeking help from a certified professional therapist is the best way to put things into perspective.


“It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you”.

Leon Brown


The Therapy

What happens in a session?
The first consultation provides the client with the opportunity to meet the therapist and discuss:
Goals and requirements and gather background information relating to the condition. This may include; sleeping patterns, lifestyle, medical symptoms, medicines, medical treatments involving healthcare providers.
An explanation of how hypnotherapy works and practical details such as costs, cancellation policy, no of sessions will be provided.
Usually the first session will include an induction, deepener and the client will be taught how to do self hypnosis. 
An outline of therapy will be discussed and agreed. This will be reviewed each session.

What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that uses the power of suggestion to encourage positive change. Relaxation techniques are used to help you reach a state where the conscious part of the mind is relaxed and the subconscious part is more open to suggestion. It is then that suggestion techniques are used to help encourage the change required.



All consultations are by appointment only.

Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for weight loss has been proven to be one of the most successful aids in helping individuals lose weight. The reason for this is that it helps identify and change those negative unconscious beliefs about food and exercise that prevent you from long term weight loss.
Many of us are emotional eaters, we find comfort in food when we are anxious, lonely, miserable or just bored. Hypnotherapy can help change this relationship as none of these emotions have anything to do with hunger. This emotional relationship can be blamed for yo yo dieting.
So what can you expect from hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy can help you: Control portion size; Increase your motivation to exercise and eat healthy foods; Remove cravings (eg chocolate, fizzy drinks, cake); Modify your self image/self perception.
The use of Hypnotherapy for weight loss has been endorsed by The British Medical Association and The American Medical Association

Irritable Bowel

IBS is a persistent functional gastrointestinal disorder affecting the nervous system of the gut. It is defined by its symptoms and not by specific medical tests. Symptoms include bloating, abdominal pain, altered bowel movements, constipation and or diarrhoea. Depending on the symptoms there are 3 types of IBS: diarrhoea predominant, constipation predominant and alternating IBS.
The cause of IBS is unknown. There may be a genetic predisposition to developing it but researchers tend to believe that other factors also play a part such as emotions, stress and infections.
Conventional medicine on its own has not been able to adequately alleviate IBS symptoms but it has been found that when Hypnotherapy is used along with traditional treatments it can produce remarkable results in symptom alleviation.


According to NHS UK, Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a feeling of unease eg fear, which can be mild or severe. Feelings of worry and unease are normal and natural but when they become prolonged and affect daily life then it can develop into an anxiety disorder.
Some of the symptoms of anxiety include:
Panic disorder,Phobias eg Agrophobia,Post Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),Social anxiety disorder.
Hypnotherapy can alleviate the physical and psychological symptoms of stress/anxiety. Two important aspects of the therapy are:
The ability to clearly imagine what makes you feel anxious.Being able to remain remain deeply relaxed while doing so.
The therapy uses the power of suggestion to instil positive change. The number of sessions will depend on the condition and the individual client.

HypnoBand® Weight Loss System

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a technique which makes suggestions to the unconscious mind that a Gastric Band has been fitted around the stomach to reduce its size in order to help the client lose weight.
It is much safer than surgery and has the benefit of dealing with the emotional causes as well as physical changes brought about by Weightloss.
The treatment is provided over 4 sessions. The therapy will address emotional causes of weight gain, changing habits and creating a more positive relationship with food. It will also promote a more healthy lifestyle which will encourage long term Weightloss stability.

Smoking Cessation

Hypnotherapy is proposed to act on the underlying impulses in order to weaken the desire to smoke or strengthen the will to stop. The first part of the session is finding out about your smoking habit and your reasons for stopping smoking. This is important because it allows me, during the hypnosis part of the session to give you suggestions that are in tune with you becoming a non-smoker. Basically I want to get across to your unconscious mind during the hypnosis part of the session that you are not giving something up, but instead introducing into your life so many wonderful benefits. This is usually a one session therapy backed up with a CD for reinforcement. 


What is insomnia?

Insomnia can be defined as having difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep long enough to feel refreshed the next morning. Either way, a lack of sleep can leave you feeling irritable and drained the next day. Those who suffer from insomnia will experience these feelings regularly.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy for insomnia can pinpoint and tackle the potential causes of insomnia, helping you to delete or file away anxieties and worries so that you can relax and drop off to sleep. Alternatively, if a habit is causing your insomnia (such as alcohol) hypnotherapy for insomnia can work to break this habit.

It is important that you seek medical advice to ensure that there are no underlying medical causes of the insomnia.


Hypnosis has been found to reduce hot flushes and other symptoms of menopause.

Is this you?
Waking up several times in the night drenched in sweat? 
- Hot flushes countless times during the day and night? 
- Feeling like you have lost control of your body? 
- More anxious and irritable than usual? 
- Gaining weight and not able to shift it?

Hypnotherapy is especially useful for those women who don’t want to take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or can’t take it. Hypnotherapy allows you to relieve your hot flushes naturally without the need for HRT. 
The Hypnotherapy protocol is based on multiple research studies which found that hypnosis can reduce hot flushes by as much as 75%.

The therapy will be fine-tuned to help you take back control, to reduce the intensity and frequency of hot flushes, and to help relieve the other symptoms of menopause so that you can get on with the business of living.

Group Hypno Weightloss Course

Dates to be decided

This course is run over a period of 4 weeks with 1-1.5hr classes each week. We will use Hypnotherapy to build confidence, motivation and determination to reach your goal. Any unwanted emotional links to food will be modified and new positive relationships with food will be established. New positive habits will be introduced and reinforced allowing you to have more positive healthy eating patterns. The course is organised and managed by myself and fellow Hypnotherapist Jayne McKerrow. These are small classes so places are limited.

Stress Management & Relaxation Workshop

06/11/19 6.30-8.00pm 13/11/19, 20/11/19 7-8pm

Research is showing that many of the diseases we suffer today stem from our minds and stress in the body. It is therefore extremely important that we learn to become more resilient and better able to cope with and manage life’s stressors. Our body’s reaction to stress is automatic, we don’t think about it, it’s an unconscious response. That’s why hypnotherapy is so useful in building that resilience, by changing our thought patterns and our behaviours. We can use it to bring our nervous system back into balance so that we don’t constantly have inflammation in our systems. 

This workshop will explain the cause and effects of stress. We will use the power of hypnosis to allow you to let go of unconscious worries and concerns; create new positive habits; give you back control of thoughts and actions and provide you with the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from deep relaxation.

Open to over 18’s only. Unfortunately it is advisable that you not attend if you suffer from epilepsy, psychosis, severe asthma or have been recently diagnosed with depression.



A Hypnotherapy session is £50; this is usually one hour. The initial consultation will be a little longer for the purposes of history taking.
It can be difficult to determine exactly how many sessions will be necessary as it is very much dependent of the cause of the symptoms and the clients response to hypnosis. Typically, improvements can be experienced within 2-3 sessions.
The only exclusion to this is smoking which is usually a 1 session treatment that will last 1.5-2hrs at a cost of £70.

Please contact me if you would like to book an appointment or if you require more information.

Using a Touch Phone

Haven Holistic & Hypnotherapy Centre

The Centre is tucked away in a ‘secret garden’, hidden from the traffic and noise. Other therapies available here are Massage, Kinetic Chain Release, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Meditation & Hypno Birthing and Relaxation classes.


Feedback I’ve Received

What My Clients Are Saying


“A true haven hidden away in Kilmarnock. Lovely rooms. Very relaxing atmosphere and Zandra is very welcoming. Had 3 hypnotherapy sessions for insomnia and anxiety. Zandra explained what would happen at each session and we discussed outcomes. Sessions are tailored to meet your outcomes and I’ve been given exercises/tools to achieve my outcomes. Delighted to say there have been improvements already and the more I practise the more benefit I will gain. Would definitely recommend.

A Martin






HypnoBand® Weight Loss System Licensed Practitioner


Anxiety UK Therapist

I am an Anxiety UK Approved Therapist providing therapeutic support to the charity’s members and partner beneficiaries. I am subject to Anxiety UK’s regular monitoring of my professional qualifications, supervision, continual professional development, insurance and professional body membership in addition to complying with the ethical framework and professional standards set down by my registered governing body.

Full details of the Anxiety UK Approved Therapist scheme can be found here -

Details about becoming a member of Anxiety UK to be able to access therapy via the charity can be found here: .

Further information

If you have any further questions relating to the promotion of your participation in the Anxiety UK Approved Therapist scheme, please contact Anxiety UK's Services Coordinator: .

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